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Resources & FAQs

  • Why does the Market move between Wilsall & Clyde Park?
    To connect and serve both sizable communities in the Shields Valley! Moving from one town to another allows us to reach vendors and customers alike where they live and support both communities.
  • Does being a Vendor cost anything? Do I have to commit to attending all of the Markets?
    Thanks to our generous sponsors in 2022, we will offer Vendors spaces at our market free of charge! As a Vendor you do not have to commit to being at every Market, but customers often come down to shop hoping their favorite vendors will be in attendance and appreciate when folks are able to commit to most weeks as they are able!
  • How do I become a Vendor?
    Check out our Vendor Regulations and Vendor Application ! Then you can email or mail it to our Market Manager at or mail to us at PO Box 371, Clyde Park MT 59018. We also recommend referring to these helpful links: Cottage Food Laws DPHHS Market Guidelines If you plan to sell any type of food for human consumption, including baked goods, eggs, prepared food, or produce, you must follow Montana’s DPHHS Food & Consumer Safety Farmers’ Market Guidelines. Certain types of foods and certain ingredients require preparation in a commercial kitchen and might also require a license or permit to sell. For licensing information or if you have questions about the Farmers’ Market Guidelines, please contact Brian Beckner, the Park County Environmental Health Specialist, at (406) 222- 4145 or (406) 223-2406 or You will also need to list your ingredients on our registration form and provide signage at your booth.
  • When can I set up as a Vendor?
    Vendors can begin setting up at 3:00pm and should be ready to sell promptly at 4:30pm. Please check in with our Market Manager upon arrival before you begin setup.
  • I want to sponsor the Market! How can I get in contact with you?
    You can fill out our Sponsorship form here.
  • I'm a musician or Caterer interested in getting involved. How can I apply to play music or serve food?
    You can contact our Market Manager with your information and we will pass it along to our Steering Committee Members who help coordinate these areas!
  • Is power available?
    Power is available for the caterer and musician only. Please contact us directly to discuss options if power is needed.
  • Where do I park?
    Please feel free to pull up close to your booth space to unload all of your gear but we highly encourage moving your vehicle further away once unloading is complete to allow customers front row parking during the Market.
  • How do I apply to be a part of the steering committee?
    We're always looking for passionate local folks to join us! Please reach out to our Market Manager and tell us a little about yourself and we'll be in touch!
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